Ultrastake Fiberglass Tree Stake 20 year Warranty

Ultrastake guarantees that our Fiberglass Tree Stakes stake will not: Bloom, crack, flake, peel, corrode, or break under normal use as tree stakes for twenty years from the date of purchase.

Ultrastake must be notified of any defect within 100 days of discovery of said defect and the customer is responsible for all handling and shipping involved in the returning of the defective stakes for replacement.

This warranty does not cover the costs associated with the  removal and/or disposal of any defective stakes, installation of replacement stakes, and/or any crop or tree damage from stake failure.

This Warranty does not apply to product that has been:.
Improperly installed.
Damaged by impact of foreign objects.
Subjected to abuse, accident, or misuse.
Damaged by an act of God (flood, lightning, etc.)
Damaged by corrosive, acidic, or unusual chemicals
Break when installed into rocks or boulders.

Ultrastake makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.




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