"UV resin inhibitors or polyester veils do not stop resin degradation" In the same very same brochure they state that they have "UV protection provided through ... resin-based UV inhibitors"  If resin-based inhibitors don't work why do they pay to have them added to their product? We use resin based inhibitors as one way to lengthen the life of our stakes.



The claim that "polyester veils do not stop resin degradation" is flat out untrue. The picture above clearly shows the shading from the sun and it's UV light that a polyester veil provides. If you don't think polyester blocks UV light try wearing a polyester hat in the sun.

What paint can't do

Our polyester veil also provides a physical barrier that prevents any broken glass slivers from coming to the surface.  It also acts as a "jacket" holding the glass fibers together.  When the stake flexes the stress is distributed throughout the stake, lessening the stress on individual fibers.


Useless warranties 

Our competitor's warranty has this remedy for a defective stake: " the option to observe and/or replace a defective stake" Under the terms of this warranty simply observing (and not replacing) the defective stake could be a remedy.What kind of warranty allows the manufacturer to simply "observe" the defective stakes without replacing them?  A useless one.  Don't be fooled, read the fine print before you count on any warranty. 

Ultrastake shatters the competition! Watch the video:



If you know the truth, Ultrastake beats the competition


Fiberglass Tree Stakes

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