"Ultrastake is the only brand of fiberglass tree stakes we use. We have tried other manufacturer's stakes but they do not offer the same longevity in the field. Some of our Ultrastake stakes are on their fifth rotation and show no signs of giving up. Using Ultrastake instead of bamboo is a no brainer".

Steve Black

Reamelton Farms - Adamstown MD


"Very happy with your stake’s durability.  The tapered ends are a big plus."

Kent Berg
Woody Warehouse Nursery - Lizton  IN 
Customer since 2010

"I have found the "Ultrastake Fiberglass tree stake" to be a sound investment. I continue to "recycle" the stakes again and again with each new planting cycle. The stakes are well made: Strong, weather well, and have experienced virtually no ultraviolet radiation degradation. I especially appreciate the long length and light grey color to mark the location of my young trees. It is quite common in Alabama to have 6 to 8 foot weed growth which masks the location of my trees. The stakes allow me to service this growth without injuring the trees. In summary, an excellent, cost effective product."
Kenneth Beil
Harpersville, AL
Customer since 2010
"Best tree stakes I ever used"
Don Higgins
Higgins Tree Farm - Gays Il.
Previous stakes have splintered in the hot Florida sun but Ultrastake has shown no signs of wear in 4 years. They also preformed well in high wind situations. 
Glen Strange
Panhandle Growers - Milton Florida
I recently switched to Ultrastake’s 11/16” fiberglass tree stakes in order to use them as bank line poles (fishingpoles lined up on a river bank). With this change in equipment, I have experienced greatly improved hooking. This has allowed me to catch more 40-60 pound flatheads than I have ever caught in all the previous fishing seasons combined.  If you are serious about catching big fish, Ultrastake is the place to look. For a reasonable price, these tree stakes provide sturdy bank poles that can help you reel in the biggest catch of your life! We got a 76 lb 8 oz fish; no problem. I’ll never use any other bank poles.
Greg Pantry
Glenwood MO.
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